What is division?

Division divided into equal parts or groups. The division is a method of distributed a group of things into equal parts. It is one of the four basic operations of arithmetic, which gives a fair result of sharing. The division is an operation inverse of multiplication.

It is the result of “equal sharing”.

20 divided by 5 = ?

If you take 20 things and put them into five equal sized groups, there will be 4 things in each group. The answer is 4.

20 divided by 5 = 4

Symbols for Division

There are a number of signs or symbols that people may use to indicate division. The most common use symbol is division sign (÷) , A symbol consisting of a short horizontal line with a dot above and a dot below, is sometimes used to signify mathematical division, and another symbols for division can be slash (/) Or a line.

Example signs for “a divided by b”:

a ÷ b
a / b

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