Unique Business idea

Be the head chef of your own food truck If you love cooking, you may have fantasized about one day opening your very own restaurant. But did you know that since 2016 

growth in the mobile food industry has been outpacing growth of traditional restaurants? 

In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, while many restaurants struggled to keep their doors open, food trucks were experiencing, 

a time of unprecedented growth. That makes the current moment perfect for newer brands looking to get a foothold in the industry. 

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of developing their own unique menus, a food truck business offers the same business opportunity 

at a fraction of the price of opening a traditional restaurant. They also offer the advantage of mobility, meaning you can bring your restaurant to events 

and locations where you know there will be a lot of foot traffic and hungry customers.  Plus with food trucks, it’s easy to tie in multiple revenue streams, since the 

trucks themselves can double as a promotional tool for your other products. 

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