TV reboots have to answer one question: Why now? Just look at 'Justified'

TV reboots have to answer the question of why they're being made now, especially if they're based on shows that ended relatively recently. In the case of Justified: City Primeval, the answer seems to be a combination of factors.

First, the original Justified was a critically acclaimed show that had a loyal fan following. It's not surprising that the creators would want to revisit that world and those characters.

Second, the timing is right for a Justified reboot. The show's setting, Detroit, is currently experiencing a crime wave, and the show's themes of good vs. evil and the thin line between the two are still relevant today.

Finally, the reboot has the potential to attract new viewers who may not have been familiar with the original show. The show is being marketed as a "limited series," which means that it will be a self-contained story that doesn't require viewers to have seen the original show. This could make it more accessible to new viewers.

Of course, whether or not the reboot is successful will depend on how well it answers the question of why it's being made now. If the show can offer a fresh take on the characters and the setting, and if it can tell a compelling story, then it has a good chance of being a success.

Here are some other reasons why TV reboots are becoming more common:

Nostalgia: People often enjoy revisiting shows that they loved from their childhood or adolescence. This can be a way for them to feel a sense of connection to their past and to the people they were back then.

Lack of original ideas: The TV landscape is becoming increasingly crowded, and it can be difficult for networks to come up with new ideas that haven't already been done before. Reboots offer a way to capitalize on existing IP and to create something that is familiar to viewers.

The rise of streaming services: Streaming services have created a new demand for content. This has led to an increase in the number of reboots, as networks and studios look for ways to fill their schedules.

Only time will tell whether the trend of TV reboots will continue. However, for now, it seems that there is still a demand for these shows.

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