The Story of Mathematics

Mathematics is a science that deals with structure, order, and relation, involving logical reasoning and quantitative calculation.

Its development has involved an increasing degree of idealization and abstraction of its subject matter.

Mathematics has been an indispensable adjunct to physical sciences and technology since the 17th century, and recently to quantitative aspects of life sciences.

The history of mathematics spans from early man to modern-day mathematicians, including mathematical advances in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and the Hellenistic empire.

The history of mathematics has largely been concentrated in Europe and North America since the 15th century, but developments elsewhere have also been significant.

The website is organized into linked sections, like chapters of a book, covering the story of mathematics from the earliest thinkers to the discoveries of the 20th century.

Resources such as "The Story of Mathematics" by Mankiewicz and Stewart and a timeline history of mathematics by ThoughtCo are also available for further exploration.

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