Movies About Maths To Inspire Kids

Kids can gain a better understanding of the math by seeing movies that demonstrate the application of mathematical principles  

Here are some movies that can make your kids see mathematics in a new light 

Hidden Figures

The movie uses the concept of geometry to illustrate how the mathematical trio helped work out the paths for the spaceship to orbit Earth and arrive on the Moon 


To lead the audience through the film's convoluted plot, the film employs ideas of time, gravity, and relativity taught in math and physics 

A Beautiful Mind 

A Beautiful Mind is a biographical film based on the life of John Nash, an American mathematician known for his contributions to game theory 

Shakuntala Devi 

The film pays tribute to Shakuntala Devi, a math wiz, who refuses to bow down to the society's constructs and paves her way to become 'The Human Computer' 

The Story Of One 

This 2014 mathematics documentary, hosted by Terry Jones, explains the incredible story of the number one