Mathematical Tools Across the Age

Lebombo Bone 

Found inside the Border Cave in the Lebombo Mountains, Swaziland, this bone is considered to be the oldest mathematical artifact.


Although the exact origin of the abacus has not been determined, this calculating tool has been used in countries such as China and Russia long before the Arabic numeral system. 

Compass (Tool) 

The compass is a mathematical instrument that has existed since ancient times, often utilized to draw circles and measure distances. Euclid, the famous Greek mathematician, often used a simple compass to conceptualize his Elements of Geometry.  


Protractors are mathematical tools used to measure plane angles. They have existed since the 13th century. The most basic protractors are semi-circular disks that measure up to 18O degrees.  

Electronic Calculator 

The electronic calculator is a handheld, portable computing device developed in Japan and introduced to the general public in the early 197Os. Its functions vary in complexity; depending on type and model, calculators can perform both simple arithmetic and complex mathematical operations.  

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