10 personality traits of reader

Reading is important We are taught since childhood that reading should be an integral part of our lives.  

Common personality traits  Here are some common personality traits of avid readers. 

They can focus better  Those who read can focus on things for an elongated time. 

They have a view on most things  Reading opens your mind to many different worlds and aspects of life. 

They are reflective  Not only do readers gain perspective but they also understand the effect text has on their mind. 

They know how to spend their time wisely  Readers mostly do not waste time on things that do not matter. 

​They define goals for their life  Whether it's about finishing a book on a date or about accomplishing something, readers often set goals for themselves. 

They have good writing skills  Reading enhances one's speaking and writing skills as it enriches one's vocabulary. 

They have a good memory  Reading often also works on one's memory skills.