10 Best Movies About Fictional Musicians


Coco laser focuses on that mindset and the pros and cons it brings to people’s personal lives.

Almost Famou

Almost Famous follows William Miller, a teenage rock journalist who is set on proving himself as a legitimate force in the industry. 

The Blues Brother

The Blues Brothers was the first SNL skit to ever be turned into a movie, and what a way to peak early. 

8 Mile

8 Mile is a hip-hop drama film that follows the fictionalized version of Eminem’s early years as a rapper in a scene that's famously difficult to break into. 

School of Rock

School of Rock is a rock comedy starring Jack Black as Dewey Finn, a struggling musician who pretends to be a substitute teacher for music to eke out a decent living. 

Soul (2020)

Soul follows the life of Joe Gardner, a middle school music teacher who is still waiting for his shot at the big time. 

A Star Is Born

The fourth incarnation of the romantic musical classic, Bradley Cooper’s version casts the incredibly talented Lady Gaga in the role of Ally. 

This Is Spinal Tap

Its heart makes it a cult classic amongst rock fans, and though they may skewer glam rock, they appreciate the real craftsmanship behind the actual music. 

Purple Rain

Purple Rain is “fictional” in the broadest of definitions. For all intents and purposes, this movie is basically Prince writing fanfiction about himself. 

Liz and The Blue Bird

Liz and The Blue Bird follows the story of two friends who each find purpose in their high school life through the school band program. 

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