10 best Linux Text Editors in 2023

Vim A highly customizable and powerful text editor that is known for its extensive features and modal editing capabilities.

Emacs A versatile and extensible text editor with a wide range of functionalities and support for various programming languages.

Sublime Text A lightweight and feature-rich text editor known for its speed and a wide selection of plugins and packages.

Atom An open-source text editor developed by GitHub, offering a modern interface, extensive customization options, and a vibrant community.

Visual Studio Code A popular cross-platform text editor developed by Microsoft, providing an extensive ecosystem of extensions and powerful editing features.

GNU nano A simple and user-friendly command-line text editor that comes pre-installed on many Linux distributions.

Geany A lightweight IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with text editor functionality, supporting multiple programming languages.

Kate A feature-rich and highly customizable text editor included in the KDE desktop environment, offering advanced editing capabilities.

gedit The default text editor for the GNOME desktop environment, providing a simple and intuitive interface for editing text files.

Pluma The default text editor for the MATE desktop environment, based on the same codebase as gedit but with some additional features and enhancements.

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